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The Indian Telly Awards were conceived as a way of rewarding professionals behind the scenes of the television business. The Indian television industry really has no awards dedicated to itself. Other television awards are just a sub-component of a main film awards function where the focus is really on Bollywood. And again here it is only the face of television - the artistes - who get recognition.

The Indian Telly Awards seeks to fill the lacunae. It began as a germ of an idea in 1998 and has progressed to fruition thanks to support from the industry. The award is planned to be an annual event and will cover the preceding calendar year. Another key differentiator is that it is from indiantelevision.com, known for its unbiased stances on issues relevant to the business of television.

It is in its first year, and it is a first for the business. This year the awards cover only the English and Hindi channels. We hope to evolve it and make it the definitive award for the Indian cable and satellite television industry. Which means that the regional language channels, not represented this time round, will be included in The Indian Telly Awards edition 2002.
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