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In its first edition, The Indian Telly Awards were limited to 17 categories. The list will be expanded in the coming years to cover almost every aspect of the business.

Executive awards

These awards seek to recognise the efforts of executives who have surpassed themselves during the calendar year and taken their companies that many steps up the television ladder. Their individual contribution has had an impact on the industry additionally, either because of the innovation or because of their consistency.

1) Marketing Executive of The Year : The marketing executive who has helped lift the profile/brand/positioning of his/her channel either through a sequence of promotions or through a unique and remarkable promotion. Like Al Reis and Jack Trout it's all about gaining a larger share of the consumer's mind.
But not at a humungous cost, rather at a price that surprises you.

2) Ad Sales Executive of the Year : The individual who has made a significant contribution by managing to garner maximum possible ads or achieved a substantial increase or turnaround in ad sales revenue or drawn up an irresistible sales package for a channel/network.

3) Distribution Executive of the Year : The individual who has substantially increased the actual reach/connectivity or improved the distribution network or has managed to resolve a distribution problem with the distribution chain effectively or has managed to up distribution revenue or has managed to build an effective distribution chain for his/her channel/network.

4) Programming Executive of the Year : The Programming Executive of a channel whose selection of programmes/scheduling/packaging has had a considerable impact on viewers, drawing them to the channel/network consistently and which in turn has helped the channel to either establish itself in the consumer's mind or has built
a particular image or enhanced its image considerably.

Programme Awards

The programmes which have become top of mind shows in viewers minds or have helped build a channel/network.

5) Best TV Show of the Year: The TV show which is unique in concept or presentation or has high production values, has a well thought-out concept, format, and execution, or has built or created a taste in audiences for a new genre, or has developed a new viewing pattern amongst viewers, due to its uniqueness and which has consistently got high TRPs and which has got maximum viewership all throughout or for a large part of the year. A show which can serve as a landmark for the year.

6) Best TV Sitcom/Comedy of the Year: A comedy show which has tickled audiences, keeping them in good mirth, courtesy its humorous content or has tackled a new situational scenario and has maintained or increased its viewership throghout or for a large part of the year.

7) Best Continuing TV Show: A TV programme which was launched before the year 2000 which continued to appeal to audiences for a large part of the year.

8) Best Current Affairs Programme
: A current affairs show which covered issues of contemporary interest in a relevant and interesting manner from all angles and stayed top of mind with audiences, is conducted well and has consistently increased its viewership due to its unique content or portrayal/depiction of events.

Others :

9) Production House of the Year : A company/production firm which has developed unique programmes for a variety of channels or has developed a unique manner of producing them, which has consistently produced a large number of popular TV shows which created an impact as well as got high TRPs and maximum viewership. Or which took production values which clicked with audiences to new heights during the course of the year.

10) Best Promoted TV Event: The one time TV event/concert which was promoted innovatively and effectively on TV as well as other media, an event which generated high viewer awareness, expectation/excitement, just by its promotional campaign.

11) Best Marketing Activity: A tactical or strategic marketing exercise which helped improve the profile/position/brand of a channel/TV show/TV property and met/surpassed the targets set for it.

12) TV CEO of the Year - (Decided) The chief executive officer of a channel whose unique position as top honcho has made a significant impact on the image/revenue/market share/market capitalisation/shareholders value/performance of that particular channel/company as well as made a difference to the TV industry.

13) TV Personality of the Year- (Decided) A TV anchor/host/actor/presenter/professional who overshadowed all his peers either on the screen or off it leaving an indelible mark/stamp during the year. This individual will have consistently topped in terms of impact, visibility, acceptability. He/she could have remarkably improved viewership of a channel or programme by his/her unique presence.

14) MSO of the Year - (Decided) The Multi System Operator who has consistently provided optimum service all through the year and even provided value added services to either other cable operators or subscribers. Size is of no consequence but the cable operator should be serving a sizeable subscriber base.

15) Channel of the Year - (Decided) The channel which has achieved top of mind awareness or which has drastically and effectively changed its look, feel and packaging, or which has consistently built up/maintained viewership/TRP ratings courtesy its varied range of programmes throughout or for a large part of the year

16) Contribution to Indian TV : A Businessman/Entrepreneur/Professional- (Decided): An individual who has helped change the course of television in India, whose contribution to its evolution is invaluable and has left a substantial stamp on the Indian television industry.

17) Posthumous award to a TV personality - (Decided): A personality while alive had made such a memorable impact by his/her performance, whose passing away has left memories of sterling performances and a void which cannot be filled and is sorely missed.

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