The Kerry Packer HFCL joint venture Nine Broadcasting India Ltd was launched on 11 September 2000 as a two-hour block of programming on national broadcaster Doordarshan's Metro channel. Airing from 7:00pm - 9:00pm everyday with Hindi programmes, it began with 21 new shows in 28 slots - the programmes included sitcoms, dramas, daily soaps, talent shows and game shows.

From 16 October, 2000 Nine Gold secured an additional hour of programmes on DD Metro. Also known as the "Golden Hours", this slot on DD Metro had 11 new programmes that added to the complete family viewing experience. The programmes included sitcoms, dramas and two-hour movies by leading directors.

In the nine months it has been on air, Nine Gold has:
* Increased the viewership base on DD Metro from 15.6 million to 25.6 million (7:00pm -10:00 pm).
* The time spent by viewers for the prime time block on DD Metro increased by 89 per cent. * Ratings have increased by 200 per cent and revenue has increased significantly.
* Viewership in C&S homes has quadrupled.
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