These awards are given for specific skills which help enhance – or set new standards of technical quality of a TV programme, be it in the area of cinematography, editing, costume or what have you. An individual or team from a production house/post production house which has excelled in this specific aspect during the specific period can be nominated.


TC 01 Special/Visual Effects for Television
TC 02 Art Direction (Fiction)
TC 03 Art Direction (Non-Fiction)
TC 04 Videography (Best TV Cameraman - Fiction)
TC 05 Videography (Best TV Cameraman - Non - Fiction)
TC 06 Costumes for a TV Programme
TC 07 Make Up Artist
TC 08 Stylist
TC 09 TV Show Packaging (Fiction)
TC 10 TV Show Packaging (Non-Fiction)
TC 11 TV Channel Packaging (Including Channel Ids & Generic Promos)
TC 12 Editor (Fiction)
TC 13 Editor (Non-Fiction)
TC 14 Background Music (Fiction)
TC 15 Director (Soap & Drama)
TC 16 Director (Sitcom)
TC 17 Director (Thriller)
TC 18 Director (Non- Fiction)
TC 19 Screenplay Writer (Drama Series & Soap)
TC 20 Dialogue Writer (Drama Series & Soap)
TC 21 Screenplay Writer (Sitcom/Comedy)
TC 22 Dialogue Writer (Sitcom/Comedy)
TC 23 Story Writer
TC 24 Scriptwriter (Non Fiction)
TC 25 Choreographer


These awards recognize excellent performances by MSO's and TV production houses during the specific period. A detailed note should specify the achievements of the nominee during the year.


TR 01 Cable Operator / MSO (Multi Systems Operator)
TR 02 TV Production House


Programming awards will be presented to television software producers and channel executives for programmes of various genres.


PR 01 Edutainment / Science / Knowledge Based Show
PR 02 Entertainment News Show
PR 03 Public Service Programme
PR 04 Lifestyle & Fashion Show
PR 05 Talk Show
PR 06 Cookery show
PR 07 Sports Show
PR 08 Travel Show
PR 09 Health & Fitness Show


The popular awards cover programming and artiste awards and will be presented to an individual (male or female)/channel/production house for his/her/their excellent performance in a TV serial/programme/show.


PO 01 Child Artiste (Female)
PO 02 Child Artiste (Male)
PO 03 Anchor/s
PO 04 Talk Show Host
PO 05 TV Chef
PO 06 Actress in a Comic Role
PO 07 Actor in a Comic Role
PO 08 Actress in a Supporting Role (Drama)
PO 09 Actor in a Supporting Role (Drama)
PO 10 Actress in a Supporting Role (Comedy)
PO 11 Actor in a Supporting Role (Comedy)
PO 12 Television Personality
PO 13 Actress in a Negative Role
PO 14 Actor in a Negative Role
PO 15 Fresh New Face (Female)
PO 16 Fresh New Face (Male)
PO 17 Actress in a Lead Role
PO 18 Actor in a Lead Role
PO 19 Ensemble
PO 20 Programme with a Social Message
PO 21 Daily Serial
PO 22 Weekender Show
PO 23 Continuing TV Programme
PO 24 Drama Series
PO 25 Thriller Programme
PO 26 Horror Programme
PO 27 Kid's Programme
PO 28 Sitcom/Comedy Programme (Fiction)
PO 29 Comedy Show (Non-Fiction)
PO 30 Reality Show
PO 31 Game Show
PO 32 Dance Talent Show
PO 33 Singing Talent Show
PO 34 Mythological Series
PO 35 Historical Series
PO 36 Judge on a TV Show
PO 37 Youth Show - Fiction
PO 38 Youth Show – Non Fiction
PO 39 Televised Awards Show
PO 40 Televised Entertainment Show