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1. Best Special/Visual Effects for Television- The individual or team from a production house/post production house which has created the most outstanding, innovative visual/special effects for a television show/serial which have achieved what they were created for in the first place and in the process set new standards. The use of technology in a cost-effective manner to enhance the visual will be given weightage.

2. Best Art Direction (Set Designing)- The individual/company who has been behind the look and feel of a television show. He should have excelled in creating the the right and authentic ambience for the show with the use of locations, sets, props, lighting, furniture etc, and should have helped draw and retain audiences to it.

3. Best Videography (TV Cameraman of the year) - The professional who has made his camera talk and describe the scene/series/show as written by the writer or desired by the director, bringing out in detail the emotion or action thus making for eye-rivetting fare. Innovation in the use of his tool - the camera - will be considered as an asset.

4. Best Costumes for a TV show - The individual/company who has provided the most appropriate or original or trendsetting costumes/clothes for any television show/serial which gave the show an authentic or outstanding look.

5. Best TV Show Packaging - Exactly what it stands for: the show should have excellent quality titling, opening, break bumpers, sequencing, music, and closing credits. And it should be the best for the year.

6. Best TV Channel Packaging - A channel which stands out on account of its classy look; courtesy the promos, the programmes aired, the break bumpers, the channel ID, the jingle, V/Os, and the overall look and feel.

7.Best TV Picture Editor of the year: This award will be given to a credited team or credited individual for either single camera or multicamera show for excellence in the area of picture editing

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