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The Selection Process

A jury consisting of eminent television professionals will shortlist some of the categories and even select the winners for The Indian Telly Awards 2002. The jury will mark the entries and nominations on a scale of 0-10, with zero being the lowest and 10 the highest.

The categories which will be put to the jury include:-

1)PR-1 TV Sitcom/Comedy show of the year
2)PR-2 Best Continuing TV Show
3)PR-3 Best Current Affairs Programme
4)PR-4 Bussiness Show Of The Year
5) PR-6 Best Sports Programme
6)PR-8 Best Promo for a TV show
7)PR-9 Best Background music of the year
8)PR-10 Best Thriller/Horror Show of the year
9)PR-11 Best Non-Fiction show of the year
10)PR-12 Best Kids show of the year
11)PR-13 Best Game show of the year
12)PR-15 Best Comedy Shorts of the year
12)TC-1 Best Special/Visual Effects for the television
13)TC-2 Best Art Direction (Set designing)
14)TC-3 Best Videography (TV cameraman of the year)
15)TC-4 Best Costumes for a TV Show
16)TC-5 Best TV Show Packaging
17)TC6 - Best TV Channel Packaging
18) TC7 - Best TV Picture Editor of the year
19)PE-1 TV Lyricist of the year
20)PE-2 TV Music Director of the year
21)PE-3 Best Title singer for a TV show
22)PE-4 TV Director of the year
23)PE-5- TV Scriptwriter of the year

Another select jury will be helping in shortlisting nominations for the following categories:

1. Best Music Show
2.The TV Show of the year
3.Best Fiction Show of the year
4.TV Actress of the year
5.TV Actor of the year
6.TV Personality of the year
7.TV Actor in a comic role
8.TV Actress in a comic role
9.TV Actor in a negative role
10.TV Actress in a negative role
11.Best TV News Anchor of the year
12.Best TV Anchor of the year
13.News Channel of the year
14.Music Channel of the year
15.Entertainment Television Channel of the year

These will then be put for polling on indiantelevision.com and indiantellyawards.com.

Additionally, a third set of trade awards will be directly put for polling on indiantelevision.com:

1.TR1 - TV Marketing Executive of the year
2.TR2 - TV Ad Sales Executive of the year
3.TR3 - TV Distribution Executive of the year
4.TR4 - TV Programming Executive of the year
5.TR5 - TV Communications and PR Executive of the year
6.TR6 - TV CFO of the year
7.TR7 - TV CTO of the year
8.TR8 - The Most Outstanding female Television Executive of the year
9.TR9 - TV CEO of the year (include broadcaster, production house)
10.TR10 - MSO of the year (Multi Systems Operator of the year)
1.TR11 - TV Production House of the year


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