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The Statuette  
The principles behind The Indian Telly Awards have been kept in mind while designing the statuette. We pondered whether it should be male or female or asexual, and finally decided on a female form.

This was achieved in association with the trophy's creator - Mumbai-based Mars, which is closely involved with the television industry and has handled the merchandising and design needs of practically every major television channel.

Three design options were given to us. The last of them won hands down as she clearly embodied what we had envisioned for The Indian Telly as we named the award. There could be various interpretations drawn by looking at The Indian Telly. She could be reaching for the skies, holding a dish in her hands, absorbing the best of what Indian cable and satellite television has to offer. Or she is the television industry enraptured in beaming out oodles of programming for consumers and viewers. Or, she is a conquering hero who has captured the eyeballs of the Indian viewer, and is exultant, celebrating the victory by holding her dish aloft.

The Indian Telly is a winner. The body is taut, yet graceful. There are curves and there are various shapes. The lines are straight and sharp. She is sleek and très chic. She is about excellence.

Which is what The Indian Telly Awards are all about. Rewarding excellence in the Indian cable and satellite television industry. The Indian Telly is 13.5" in height and weighs 1.5 kilos. A trophy that will last and be treasured for a lifetime.
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